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Forth’s take on the tasting room, your Local Haunt provides a place to experience cocktails in a whole new way. Whether it’s a quick pit-stop for a refill of your favorite recipe, a tasting to explore the evolving line-up of scratch cocktails or selecting bottles for your next gathering, the Local Haunt has you covered. 

Check out the menu board below for an up-to-date list of current libations available for online order. Keep an eye out for an announcement on the official open. We can’t wait to welcome you in to check out a wide selection of cocktails, glassware, barware, and merch to elevate your cocktail experience.

The Menu

Current Cocktails

Shake. Serve. Return.

Bottle Return Program

grab. shake well. Forth Distilled Goods in Bend, Oregon.
pour. serve over ice. Forth Distilled Goods in Bend, Oregon.
enjoy. bring it back. Forth Distilled Goods in Bend, Oregon.

In an effort to be sustainable as possible, our bottles are built for reuse. Bring back your empties and we’ll get it back into circulation for another life. For more details, visit your Local Forth Haunt or click here for more info.

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