SIP Awards

We are so excited to have received four awards in the 2022 SIP Awards!

The SIP Awards are an international competition where spirits are rated anonymously by everyday consumers. The competition was created with the intent to allow brands to compete on a level playing field and to only be judged by taste without being influenced by big brands or biases. The SIP Awards are considered to be a reliable and respected measure of beverage quality ratings and allows consumer’s opinions to be heard. Pouya “Paul” Hashemi, the founder of the SIP Awards, has given smaller spirit brands an opportunity to grow and receive helpful and honest feedback from the industry’s consumers. The most impressive part about winning a SIP Award is that the consumer panel votes after a blind tasting, which doesn’t allow for any prior opinion or favoritism to exist. 

Forth’s SIP Awards:  

The Double Gold medal corresponds to an outstanding rank of spirits which consumers judged to qualify for the top percentile of their given categories and justify strong recommendations. 

The Innovation Award applauds spirits with an interesting and unique taste profile or design. Consumer judges deem these spirits as innovative and groundbreaking by highlighting them with this exclusive recognition. 

Bronze medals are presented to well-crafted spirits that qualify for special distinction with their strong performance in the SIP double blind tasting with consumer judges. Bronze medals are noteworthy achievements deserving of recommendation.  

SIP Awards Silver medal showcases spirits earning marks from consumer judges in the top range of their categories. The consumer judges deem silver medal recipients to be distinguished spirits recommended to the public. 

It wouldn’t be right to talk about Forth’s success at the SIP Awards without mentioning Jack Schramm. Schramm is a notable New York bartender/mixologist and alcoholic Jell-O-cake maker and credit is owed to him for the formulation and creation of the recipes for Forth’s noteworthy cocktails! 

You can purchase Forth’s award-winning cocktails through the store locator or through the Forth website. Try these drinks for yourself and see what all the hype is about!!! 

If you want to rep this award-winning brand, you can purchase Forth’s merch here! 

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