Taste This!: Forth Distilled Goods

Forth cocktails featured on Central Oregon Daily News!

Forth was thrilled to be featured on Central Oregon Daily News’ segment, “Taste This!,” with Meghan Glova. While enjoying a Bourbon Smash, Meghan interviews Ben Brewer, founder and owner of Forth Distilled Goods, about what drew him to the canned cocktail industry, what kind of prior background he had before starting Forth, and what Forth is all about! Meghan and Ben go on to taste other Forth cocktails like the Cucumber Gimlet and one of Forth’s bottled cocktails, Motorbike. Meghan expressed that drinking Forth’s Cucumber Gimlet, “is like you are literally eating a cucumber,” and that Forth’s Motorbike is “exciting because it would be intimidating to buy a bottle of whiskey and try and make something out of it yourself so that is such a good alternative and is very approachable for someone who might not drink that kind of liquor very often.” Ben describes how Forth is dedicated to making approachable, drinkable versions of classic cocktails that are made with natural ingredients, not natural flavorings.  

You can watch the Central Oregon News Dailey interview here and you can purchase these Meghan Glova approved cocktails through the Forth website or at your local liquor store 

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