Frozen Daiquiri Recipe

Need a way to beat the heat this Fourth of July? Forth’s got you covered. Try our recipe for a blended Pineapple Daiquiri to cool down.  

The daiquiri is a classic cocktail that’s been around for ages and is a staple when it comes to summer drinks. Daiquiris are typically made with rum, citrus, and sweetener. Forth’s Pineapple Daiquiri is made with a blend of three different Caribbean rums, pineapple, and lime. This tropical drink is perfect for enjoying on a hot day. As if this drink couldn’t get any better, we’ve curated a blended version of our daiquiri to keep you cool and doing the activities you love this Fourth of July and throughout the summer! 


  • Serves: 4  
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes  
  • Need to prepare: 
    • 4-pack Forth Pineapple Daiquiri   
    • Standard Ice Cube Trays (Example)  
    • Blender 
    • Glassware (Coupe or Mason Jar) 
    • Straw (optional) 
    • Pineapple Frand and/or Wedge Garnish (optional)  
  • Instruction: Find Forth Pineapple Daiquiri on Forth’s website or at your local liquor store. Split 4-pack and place 2 cans in the fridge or chill on ice. Use the remaining 2 cans to fill the ice cube trays and place them in the freezer. Once frozen, remove cubes and combine with the 2 retained chilled cans in the blender. Carefully blend until it reaches your desired consistency. Pour, garnish and enjoy! 

You can purchase Forth’s Pineapple Daquiri needed to make this recipe at your local liquor store by using this store locator or through the Forth website!!! 

daiquiri can
dairuiri can 3

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